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(Smokers - Charcoal)

Kamado Joe KJ23R Egg Shaped Ceramic Japanese Style Kamado Cooker with Side Shelves, Cart and Grill Cover in Red. Kamado is the Japanese word for "stove" or "cooking range". Kamado cooking has its origins in clay vessels found in China, dating back over 3000 years. Over time the clay pot evolved into ceramic, dampers and draft doors were added for heat control and charcoal replaced wood as fuel. Inside the ceramic egg, a ceramic bowl holds the charcoal. A draft opening in the lower side of the grill provides air to the charcoal and a controllable vent in the dome lid allows air to leave the cooker. Includes a Ceramic Grill & Car, Ash Tool & Grill Gripper Heat Deflector.

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Cook on multiple levels on multiple surfaces at once! Twice the overall cooking surface. Multi-level cooking (sear a steak and grill veggies at the same time. Create different heat zones. Specialty surfaces also available.


There is far less ash to deal with on a Kamado Joe relative to traditional briquette grills because lump charcoal burns cleaner. That said, there is still some ash. To make dealing with this ash easier than ever we have included a handy slide-out ash drawer that will keep things clean and easy!

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Type Cart
Color Red
Power Source Charcoal
Cooking Surface 256 in²
Additional Information Cooking Surface 18" Diameter, 256 square inches (650 square centimeters)w/Grill Expander 407 square inches (1,034 square centimeters). Heat Range 225°F – 750°F+ (82°C – 399°C). Base/Lid High Fire Heat-Resistant Ceramics. Glaze Heat-Resistant Ceramic Coating. Top Vent Powder Coated Cast Iron. Cooking Grate 304 Grade Stainless Steel. Fire Box/Fire Ring High Fire Heat-Resistant Ceramics. Fire Grate Powder Coated Cast Iron. Cart Powder Coated Cast Iron.
Width 46.5 inch(es) / 118.1 cm
Height 47.99 inch(es) / 121.9 cm
Depth 27.99 inch(es) / 71.1 cm
Net 187.39 lb(s) / 85.0 kg
Warranty Twenty (20) years for all ceramic parts (dome, base, firebox and fire ring). Five (5) years for all metal parts (excluding cast-iron parts). One (1) year for all cast-iron parts (top vent or lid and fire grate). Thirty (30) days on thermometers and felt gaskets.

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