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$ 5.99

Drip Pans (6415)
(Grill Accessories - Trays/Pans/Baskets/Racks)

Keep your Weber gas grill clean and ready for service with this handy pack of ten small aluminum grease catch pans. Measuring 8-1/2 inches by 6 inches, the liners fit Weber grill catch pans perfectly (except for Summit six-burner gas grills) and are easy to dispose of when full. The pans can also be re-purposed to cook side dishes.

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Additional Information • Set of 10 aluminum drip pans line grill catch pan; Fit all Weber gas grills except Summit 6-burner grills; No-fuss way to keep grill clean and ready for service; Also great for cooking side dishes
Shipping weight 0.99 lb(s) / 0.45 kg
UPC# 077924074752

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