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    Grand Appliance and TV has Amana Ranges, Wall Ovens, Cooktops, Refrigerators and more!

    70+ Years of Innovation

    Amana brand has a rich history of creating appliances that changed the American household. From the first side-by-side refrigerator to the first consumer-friendly countertop microwave-they've always made sure that when it comes to hassle-free living, their customers always come first. Amanda brand believes in putting the ability in afford-ability. That's why their appliances cost less, but really deliver -- so both you and your wallet stay happy. Their quality products provide only the features you need without any of the hassle. After all, Amana knows that you work hard, so they believe you deserve to put your feet up when you get home. 

    Whether you do the cooking and cleaning now or later, Amana brand is committed to getting the job done and getting it done right, so you can get back to the things you enjoy. 

    About Amana Ranges 

    Amana ranges help you do dinner right with their Versatile Cooktops that come with multiple burners or element options that provide up to 12,500 BTUs, helping you cook your favorites all at once. Amana ranges even include the SpillSaver Upswept Cooktop that comes with raised edges to keep spills contained and surfaces clean. Amana also contains large oven capacity that gives you the space you need to make dinner and dessert at the same time. Down below check out some of the key features that Amana ranges have to offer.