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    Grand Appliance and TV has Sonos Sound Bars, Multi-room Components, Multi-room Wi-Fi Extenders, Multi-room Accessories and more!

    Stream all the music you want, all over your home

    What is Sonos?

    Sonos is a system of wireless speakers and components that can be controlled using your phone, tablet or computer to play all of your favorite music in any room of your home. 

    Interested in shopping for a new SONOS sound system, check out their new 2017 commerical below:

    Your options are endless. Start with one room and add more or dive in with a whole home system. Sonos speakers start at just $199 and can be easily added to any room for multi-room sound without complicated wiring or setup. Best of all, Sonos robust wireless technology ensures consistent performance without skips or drops.

    Want a more custom solution? Sonos can be integrated with built-in speakers, outdoor speakers and premium home theater systems. It can even be calibrated using TruePlay technology to conform to your unique room -- check it out:



    Easy setup and wireless fidelity aside, the foundation of the system is premium HiFi sound. Want to learn more about Sonos sound? Check out the videos below for a behind the scenes look at the Sonos sound lab and how a couple of Sonos most popular products were developed to achieve premium sound.

    Sonos Sound Lab                                         Play One


    PlayBar                                                         Sub


    Want to see what Grand thinks of SONOS? Check out our blog posts to read more about their products: