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    About Sub-Zero

    Sub-Zero Refrigeration: Freshness Above All

    Sub-Zero is a premium line of refrigeration products that blend cutting edge design and integration options along with performance unlike any other. The company is committed to freshness above all as each fridge guards food's goodness with dual refrigeration and other unique technologies. To Sub-Zero, its more than a refrigerator. Its a food preservation system, tested to last for decades.

    Here's a quick introduction to the line:


    Dual Refrigeration

    The science of food preservation has come a long way and Sub-Zero is at the forefront. Its Dual Refrigeration system uses separate compressors for the freezer and refrigerator to create the optimal environment in each to preserve your food and its freshness.

    See the video below for an introduction to Dual Refrigeration.


    Integrated Refrigeration

    Sub-Zero integrated refrigeration can blend seamlessly with virtually any cabinet design to allow you to get the performance and durability of Sub-Zero refrigeration without compromising your design aesthetic. Check out the videos below for more on integrated refrigeration.