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    Grand Appliance and TV has GE Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps, Dehumidifiers, Water Solutions, Ranges and more!

    GE Appliances

    GE is one of America's leading appliance brands with top quality cooking, cleaning, refrigeration, laundry products and more. GE's tradition of innovation continues to bring good appliances to life. For decades, GE Appliances has been one of the largest manufacturers of major appliances in the world, introducing energy-efficient products to improve peoples' lives every day.

    Many of their products are made right here in the USA. They've invested $1 billion dollars in new plants, equipment and technology and upgraded employee training to recommit to making great American-made appliances. In the process, the company created over 21,000 new American jobs!

    Part of GE's #OurAmericanKitchen film series, follow Chase, a 14-year-old boy who discovers the joy of cooking when he falls in love with cooking shows on TV. He now has a healthy curiosity about food and his own cooking show on the Internet.