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Why Grand?

Let’s face it, buying the products we sell can be a confusing, overwhelming and frustrating experience. Most people only buy these products a couple times in their entire adult life and often the purchase is urgent – like you woke up to a dead fridge full of fresh food or you discovered your oven won’t heat a week before Thanksgiving. If that weren’t enough, you’ll also have to sort through a myriad of brands, models and buzz words before you buy and likely have to coordinate deliveries and installs afterwards.

That’s where we come in. Our #1 objective is to provide you with the industry’s best shopping experience. Here’s what makes us different.


Low Pricing

Touchy-feely stuff aside, we understand getting a good deal is paramount to most customers. We could tell you we negotiate the best deals and constantly shop the competition – and we do – but we’d rather prove it. Our entire sales staff is outfitted with iPads and one of the main reasons is to provide you with instant price comparisons on the sales floor. Forget driving all over town, when you shop at Grand you can shop everyone else’s deal without ever walking away from a product.


Sales Advice

Simply put, our sales team is the best in the business. Whether you visit a store or call 1.888.396.8165, you’ll work with a true professional that has been extensively trained to help you find the perfect product or products for your application. In fact, most of our salespeople are industry veterans and can speak from past experience when presenting your options. Best of all, if you happen to stump them on something, they’re not ashamed to pull out the iPad and verify information with you on the floor to be sure we get things right the first time.


Huge Selection,
Speedy Delivery

If you’re looking for a new appliance, TV, audio system, mattress, grill or vacuum, Grand is sure to have what you’re looking for. We carry all the best brands and carefully hand-pick the products on display in our showrooms to provide you with a variety of solutions in various price points. Need something quick? We have hundreds of models in stock at our local warehouses available for immediate delivery within days of ordering.


Stylish, Well Maintained Showrooms

Our showroom is often the first opportunity we have to make an impression on you. As a result, we invest heavily in making sure it’s a good one. Whether its kitchen packages installed in displays with real cabinetry, designer countertops and tile backsplashes or a TV mounted on a wall with a live audio system to demo, we want our displays to help you envision the products we sell in your very own home.


Professional Delivery and Installation

We can deliver and install every product we sell and our delivery and install teams are second to none. Just like our sales team, our delivery and install teams are extremely well trained and most are experienced veterans that have seen it all over the years. From simple tasks like stacking a front-load washer-dryer set or assembling your new gas grill to more complicated tasks like fishing a wire for a custom TV install over the fireplace or working with a crane operator to deliver a Sub-Zero into a downtown high rise, our crews are dedicated to getting your products delivered and installed the way you want them with care and respect for your home.


Customer Service

When you buy from Grand, you’ll have a team in place to make sure everything goes smoothly. Your salesperson will be your first point of contact. He or she will personally guide you through the post-purchase process. This includes helping you with applicable mail-in rebates, scheduling delivery and installation, providing specs and dimensions to your contractor, coordinating service if needed down the road and more. In addition to your salesperson, we have an entire team of customer service agents at various locations in the company. Our customer service agents have zero sales responsibility. Their sole objective is to provide you with world class support.

Grand’s History

Grand was founded in 1930 under the name Service Electric. We sold appliances back then, but our main business was electrical supplies and light fixtures. After World War II, the Baby Boom created such a demand for appliances that we dropped electrical supplies and fixtures entirely to focus on home appliances. In 1966, then owner, Fred Reckling, moved the store to a bigger, more visible location on Grand Avenue in Waukegan, IL. He also changed the name to Grand Appliance to signify the move and change in company focus.

The store in Waukegan remained Grand’s sole location until 1992 when current owner, Mark Reckling, convinced his father, Fred, to open a 2nd location in Kenosha, WI. The new venture was a success and more locations would follow. In addition to new stores, we’ve grown our selection over the years adding a full array of electronics, mattresses, grills and vacuums. We are pleased to now be able to truly provide a solution for every room in the home.