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Expert Review: Weber's New SmokeFire Grill

by jeff clemens


Weber SmokeFire Grill Lifestyle Image

The all new SmokeFire pellet grills from Weber are hitting Grand stores now. 

Our team is pretty excited for this release; and for good reason. The pellet grill category has grown in popularity over the past several years and this release gives our team the opportunity to provide a premium Weber solution for pellet enthusiasts. 


Pellet Grill Overview

Pellet grills use wood pellets to cook your food. The pellets are loaded into a container called a hopper and fed into the grill at precise times to maintain consistent cooking temperatures. An example of Weber's hopper filled with pellets is below. To determine when to add pellets, pellet grills are outfitted with a thermometer that senses temperature drops and initiates a mechanized pellet delivery system that feeds the proper amount of pellets to the grill’s heat source in order to maintain optimal temperatures. 

Weber SmokeFire EX4 Pellet Hopper

While all of that sounds complicated, using a pellet grill is very simple. For starters, most feature an electric spark igniter that makes it as easy to start as most gas grills. Additionally, since it uses a concentrated amount of pellets to provide heat, it can get to temperature quickly.

The sophisticated temperature control system combined with quick, easy starting results in a no-fuss, set it and forget it simple cooking experience. Simply load your hopper, fire it up, preheat to the desired temperature, add your food and that’s it. You’re free to enjoy family time and a cold beverage while your food cooks to perfection inside the grill. 

Another key advantage to a pellet grill is that smoky flavor most gas grills can’t produce. The smoky flavor is not as intense as a traditional smoker, but the subtle hints are a welcome addition to any grilled meal. Further, you can experiment with different flavors by using flavored pellets to add a different spin on your favorite grilled dishes. 

Finally, pellet grills provide the opportunity to utilize your grill for a wider variety of dishes. Because it combines elements of a grill and oven all in one, a pellet grill can produce vegetables, side dishes and more for a one-stop cooking solution.

The only real disadvantage to a pellet grill is that it requires a power source to operate the thermometer and pellet delivery system. So, if your grill is not near an outlet, you’ll need to use an extension cord or an electrician to power the grill. 


Why Choose the Weber Pellet Grill?

There are many reasons to choose a Weber pellet grill model. Check out the video below from our friends at Weber for a quick overview of the SmokeFire series and its key features. 

SmokeFire Overview:

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a SmokeFire grill is its versatility. Most competitive models are geared toward low, slow cooking, but Weber’s SmokeFire models, on the other hand, can also get to up to 600-degree temperatures required for perfect searing of steaks, burgers and other grilled meats. The SmokeFire series borrows Weber’s flavorizer bars made famous by its gas grills to direct heat to the cooking grate for even better high-temperature performance. And best of all, since the SmokeFire grill does not have a chimney, it can get to those high heats quickly and maintain them as long as needed.

Other ways the Weber SmokeFire series separates itself from the competition include:

  • SmokeFire’s internal easy-clean drawer for capturing grease and ash is a welcome alternative to the messy, unstable grease bucket on most competitive models. Plus, since it’s internal, it won’t be a target for your dogs as they roam the backyard.

  • The SmokeFire’s porcelain-enameled finish withstands harsh midwestern winters and resists rusting, cracking or peeling much better than competitive models with a painted steel finish.

  • In addition to helping with high-heat cooking, Weber’s flavorizer bars allow for cleaner cooking when compared to competitive models with a built-in diffuser tray that tends to collect ash and grease.

  • When used with the Weber Connect smartphone app, step-by-step grilling notifications let you know when it’s time to flip and serve your dishes. 


SmokeFire Models

Weber SmokeFire EX6

There are two SmokeFire models on the market now. The $999 SmokeFire EX4 features 672 square inches of dual grilling space while the larger $1199 SmokeFire EX6 (shown above) features 1,008 square inches of dual grilling space. 


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