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Top Five Bang-For-The-Buck Laundry Values

by jeff clemens

Looking for a washer-dryer pair that packs a lot of features without breaking the bank? Our experts have you covered with three top load and two front load options that boast great features at an affordable price that fits most budgets.

Please note the list below is ordered from lowest to highest price based on typical pricing. It does not indicate a preference for one model over another. 



GE GTW465ASNWW Top Load Pair

GE GTW465ASNWW Top Load Laundry Pair


Models Included

Washer: GTW465ASNWW

Electric Dryer: GTD42EASJWW

Gas Dryer: GTD42EASJWW


Why We Love It

Our experts love this pair because its 4.5 cubic foot washer and 7.2 cubic foot dryer capacities are larger than most in its price class and both units have several useful features such as Deep Fill and Deep Rinse options in the washer to ensure you to fully soak stains and remove detergent during the wash cycle. The dryer features a sensor that automatically shuts down the dryer when clothes are dry and an exhaust system rated for up to 120 feet to add installation flexibility. 

Plus, as an added bonus, it’s made in the United States with 70-90% of the components sourced locally as well. 



LG WT7060CV Top Load Pair 

LG WT7060CV Top Load Laundry Pair

Models Included

Washer: WT7060CV

Gas Dryer: DLG7061VE


NOTE: This is a closeout pair. Electric dryers are not available and availability is limited to our quantity on hand.


Why We Love It

Like the GE model above, the 4.5 cubic foot washer and 7.3 cubic foot dryer capacities are larger than most in its price class. Unlike the GE above, however, the WT7060CV pair does not have an agitator, which allows it to be more delicate on your clothing and other washables. 

To ensure you still get premium cleaning power without an agitator, the WT7060CV washer employs a few exclusive LG technologies. The first is the TurboDrum™ system in which the base of the washer drum spins in the opposite direction of the sidewalls of the drum creating powerful water flow that simulates what you might find in a typical top-load washer with agitator. Another exclusive technology at work is 6Motion™ Technology, which uses up to 6 different wash motions depending on the cycle to provide a smarter, more tailored cleaning experience that maximizes washing performance. Take together, TurboDrum™ and 6Motion™ technologies allow for unique wash options like ColdWash™ Technology, which utilizes enhanced washing motions while on cold water cycles to penetrate deep into fabrics for performance that rivals warm water washing.



Maytag MVWB765FW Top-Load Pair 

Maytag MVWB765FW Top Load Laundry Pair


Models Included

Washer: MVWB765FW

Electric Dryer: MEDB765FW

Gas Dryer: MGDB765FW


NOTE: This is a closeout pair. Availability is limited to our quantity on hand.


Why We Love It

Maytag’s MVWB765FW washer-dryer pair features the largest capacity in our list of top-load pairs with a 4.7 cubic foot washer and 7.4 cubic foot dryer capacities and is built for the long-haul in keeping with Maytag’s heritage for long-lasting, hard-working laundry machines. 

Beyond that, the MVWB765FW washer delivers best in class cleaning capabilities thanks to its PowerWash® cycle, which combines advanced cleaning actions with heated water to attack and remove tough stains. The pair also has some brains to pair with its brawn. The Auto Sensing option senses the size of the load and adds the proper amount of water to ensure you’re not wasting water in the washer’s oversized washtub.

In addition, like the GE pair above, this Maytag pair is assembled right here in the United States.



Samsung WF45T6200AW Pair

Samsung WF45T6200AW Front-Load Laundry Pair


Models Included

Washer: WF45T6200AW

Electric Dryer: DVE45T6200W

Gas Dryer DVG45T6200W 


Why We Love It

This pair really checks a lot of boxes. The 4.5 cubic foot washer and 7.5 cubic foot dryer capacities are in line with most competitive models, but the WF45T6200AW pair is shallower than many front-load options thanks to a wider drum that allows for increased capacity without an increased footprint. This means the pair can replace most existing top-load and front-load pairs within the same space and, in fact, can even be installed comfortably in many closets to accommodate families living in smaller spaces. 

In addition, the pair has a steam option in both the washer to gently remove stains without pretreating and in the dryer to remove wrinkles and freshen up once-worn garments. It features a sanitizing wash option to remove germs and bacteria from your washables as well as Self Clean+ feature that eliminates 99% of bacteria that can form in the washer drum. Finally, the Super Speed feature allows you to wash a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes without sacrificing cleaning performance. 

Lastly, the washing machine is made in the USA, however, the dryer is made across the border in Mexico, 



Whirlpool WFW6620HW Pair

Whirlpool WFW6620HW Front-Load Laundry Pair


Models Included

Washer: WFW6620HW

Electric Dryer: WED6620HW

Gas Dryer: WGD6620HW


Why We Love It

Like the Samsung above, the WFW6620HW laundry pair checks a lot of boxes on consumers’ wish lists. It’s 4.5 cubic foot capacity in the washer and 7.4 cubic foot capacity in the dryer are similar to the Samsung and it’s shallow, closet-ready depth makes it equally as suited to replace most existing units in the same footprint. Additionally, like the Samsung, the Whirlpool WFW6620HW pair also features steam in the washer and dryer and sanitizing wash options to remove bacteria and germs from your wash load. 

What really sets this pair apart is the ease of use, which starts with its convenient Load & Go™ XL detergent dispenser. The Load & Go™ XL dispenser holds enough laundry soap for up to 40 loads and automatically adds the correct amount based on the cycle chosen. Studies show that most Americans use too much detergent in their wash cycles, which can result in additional wear on your garments as well as - believe it or not - reduced cleaning capability as clothes are not able to create enough friction to clean. Worse yet, excess soap can accelerate the growth of mold and mildew in your washer gasket and other places that collect water after a load is complete.

The ease of use continues with intuitive controls that guide you through the washing process to ensure you choose the right cycles and options for the type of garments you’re washing. You can even customize up to 35 of your own cycles!

Finally, like many other pairs on this list, both the washer and dryer are built domestically here in the United States.



We hope you’ve found this guide to be helpful in your washer-dryer search. If you’d like to view additional options, chat now with one of our representatives or shop the links below for a list of all available models priced lowest to highest. 

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