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3 Under-The-Radar Reasons to Upgrade Your Laundry Pair

by Olly Mason

If you have a dated or unreliable laundry pair, you’re just asking for trouble. Even if you purchased new laundry appliances a few years ago, you’ll be surprised to see the improved features, styles, and energy-efficiency operation.

We know the adage goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but upgrading your laundry appliances can improve your life in ways you may not have considered previously. There are plenty of modern front-load and top-load machines that offer smart features, quick-wash settings, steam-clean functionality, and more.

There are apartment-size washer and dryer sets if space is an issue, or you could opt for full-size sets that can be stacked vertically. Whichever direction you take, you can almost guarantee you’ll find an appliance that is effective and efficient at removing stains, sanitizing clothes, and conserving water and electricity. But what are some lesser-known reasons upgrading your laundry pair can make a big difference in your life? We’ve got the answer!

closet laundry room laundry pair

1. Comfortability

When it comes to comfort, we’re not talking about your sofa. Modern washer-dryer pairs are far less harsh on your fabrics, making them softer and less irritating to wear. A major culprit of this can be the type of detergent you use. If your freshly laundered items come out feeling stiff or your skin is feeling itchy after wearing an article of clothing, it can oftentimes mean your washer isn’t removing all the detergent during the wash cycle.

Most modern-day machines have effective rinse cycles that are combined with high spin speeds to extract more and often every bit of detergent from the wash cycle. Additionally, modern laundry machines require less soap, which results in less detergent needing to be washed away during the cycle.

Certain models feature an automated detergent dispenser that delivers a precise amount of pre-loaded detergent based on the cycle, setting, and load size, optimizing all aspects of the cycle to ensure the detergent is properly dosed, utilized, and removed during the cycle.

The Whirlpool Load & Go Dispenser makes it so you can skip adding detergent to every load. The Load & Go setting is designed to store enough detergent for 20 to 40 loads of laundry, allowing your washing machine to accurately measure detergent for each load and dispense it at the right time. Because there’s a set amount of detergent, you’ll never have to worry about an irritating buildup of detergent left behind on your clothes.

Additional culprits can be pet hair and other allergens or contaminants in the air. Specifically, if you have a case of spring fever, you’re probably experiencing some allergies as a side effect. If sniffling and sneezing are wearing you out, you can breathe easily with sanitizing options that remove irritants from your clothing and linens. LG washers with the Allergiene cycle are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), using steam-heat to remove 95 percent household allergens like dust mites and pet dander. It's a great setting for homes with young children or pets whose laundry items require special care due to pet hair or food stains.

2. Efficiency

We briefly mentioned efficiency in terms of water and energy consumption, but modern appliances allow you to make better use of your time and be more efficient in your laundry routine. Fast Wash cycles make it possible to wash lightly soiled items when you’re in a hurry to freshen up a dress shirt or when you need last-minute suitcase stuffers before going on vacation. Many automated cycles can optimize water levels based on the weight of the load or the level of soil, eliminating the guesswork when selecting a cycle.

A large-capacity appliance means fewer loads and less time spent lugging the hamper around on laundry day. A front-load machine without an agitator will be gentler on your fabrics, extending the life of each garment so you can spend less time tending to damaged clothes.

An overall gentler operation and specialty cycles like Steam Dry are designed to treat delicate fabrics and allow you to safely wash more at home to reduce the number of trips to the dry cleaners. And if you’re always on the move and don’t have time to sit and wait for the laundry to be done, laundry pairs with smart capabilities will notify you when the cycle is complete so you won’t forget about your damp clothing in the washer.

Some pairs may even eliminate the need to select a dry cycle by passing information from the washer to the dryer and setting a preset cycle based on the weight and materials in the cycle. And beyond operation, smart laundry pairs can notify you of potential problems before they become an issue and pass usage information to service technicians for fast, effective repairs.

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3. Sustainability

Time and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Less time spent operating the appliance means saving money, water, and power. Water and energy consumption should play a tremendous role in your buying decision, and luckily, washers and dryers are becoming much more efficient.

Dryers are oftentimes more energy-efficient with large capacities for better airflow and sensors that automatically turn off to avoid blasting dry clothes with high heat. Washers are obviously more water-efficient, especially if they are stamped with the Energy Star label. To maintain an Energy Star certification, the washer must use no more than 14 gallons of water per cycle, compared to a non-certified appliance that uses anywhere from 20 to 40 gallons of water depending on the model and age of the appliance.

Sustainability can go much further than savings and statistics. We mentioned the ability to wash more clothes in fewer loads, but the display of gentle and delicate wash cycles also reduces the need to replace clothes or discard damaged items. Automated detergent dispensing technology will reduce the number of plastic containers that would need to be recycled, smart features prevent having to rewash a load you accidentally left sitting damp in a sealed wash bin, and fewer trips to the dry cleaners means an ever-so-slight reduction in emissions from cars.

Electrolux is a brand that embodies comfort, efficiency, and sustainability and sets out to improve your laundry routine with specialized settings to extend the vibrancy of clothing such as StainSoak, LuxCare, Perfect Steam, extended spin, instant refresh, Fast Wash, and 30-minute wash.

The Big Picture

From a sustainability standpoint, it’s a good idea to look for the Energy Star certification in both your washer and dryer. If you’re looking for a reliable pair, Electrolux has a global sustainability board to come up with climate reduction strategies and find better solutions for a better way of life.

Electrolux is one of the UN Global Compact’s 10 Principal Signatories, and domestically, the company is a member of the Sustainable Brands Community established to install solar panels, reduce consumption, and set zero waste goals at manufacturing facilities. Its framework incorporates all aspects of their business from the elimination of harmful materials to sustainable eating practices to climate-neutral manufacturing to long-lasting equipment designed for your clothes to look and feel their very best.

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Ready to Upgrade?

If you’re looking for a new laundry pair that is both efficient and dependable, Grand Appliance and TV offers the most diverse selection of brands, models, and sustainable features. To see for yourself, visit one of our 25 locations across Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa, or shop online today!