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How Miele and Bosch Compact Washers and Dryers Solve Laundry Problems

by Olly Mason

Chances are, shoppers with “cozy” homes can relate to any one of these questions when it comes to browsing for new laundry appliances: Which washers and dryers are good for small spaces? How can I use my closet for laundry space? Which laundry appliances increase workspace in the laundry room?

The reality is small homes often require a lot of “hacks” to make the best of the space available. While bigger households can count on a full-size laundry room, that might be a luxury for home owners and renters of small spaces, which is why compact washers and dryers are such a convenient appliance option.

While many compact laundry appliances exist on the market today, we highly recommend Miele and Bosch compact washers and dryers, since both brands provide space-saving units with intelligent design that delivers the most bang for your buck. Follow along to see the many ways these two brands let shoppers reclaim valuable space and enjoy reliable performance.

Side by side image of Bosch and Miele stacked compact washers and dryers

Advantages of Compact Laundry

To get a full understanding of what compact washers and dryers are, let’s compare dimensions.

Full-size laundry appliances typically measure between:

  • 27-28 inches wide
  • 32-34 inches deep
  • 39 inches tall

Compact laundry appliances measure around:

  • 24 inches wide
  • 24 inches deep
  • 34 inches tall

Additionally, standard front-load washers clock in at around 4-5 cubic feet of capacity, while compact front-load washers usually provide 2.2 cubic-feet of wash capacity. Of course, compact washers and dryers have it hard to when it comes to competing with the capacity of regular-sized laundry appliances, but that’s not always a disadvantage. Consider the following points.

Stability: Since load sizes remain relatively light inside a compact washer, users can use the entire wash tub without any real worry of shaking. Better stability also means Miele and Bosch compact laundry washers and dryers can safely be used upstairs. 

Superior rotation: A lighter wash load also equates to more rotations per minute. Specifically, conventional washers spin at about 1,000-1,200 RPM versus up to 1,400 RPM on compact washers. As a result, clothes come out drier, helping to reduce drying times.

All in all, compact washers and dryers from both Miele and Bosch can wash and dry up to 17 pounds of laundry (equivalent to a few pairs of jeans, a sweatshirt, and a couple of t-shirts), versus around 22 pounds in washer with 4 cubic feet of drum capacity. For even more information, check out our laundry appliance capacity guide.

Smaller Size Means More Installation Possibilities

As you might’ve guessed, the biggest benefit from a compact washer and dryer unit is the number of places and ways a pair can be installed in a home. The small footprint fits easily into tight areas like a walk-in closet or underneath countertops. Essentially, any space fitted with a water supply and is roughly the same size as a 24-inch base cabinet makes a fitting home for a compact washer and dryer pair.

Check out this Bosch compact stackable washer and dryer unit with a built-in, retractable center shelf that turns into a handy area for folding clothes all from a single footprint.

Bosch 500 series compact washer and dryer with pull out center shelf

Go Ventless for More Space

To achieve the flush look and practical function of the pair above, manufacturers have developed compact washers and dryers that use a ventless dryer. Omitting a dryer hose saves around four inches of clearance, meaning laundry pairs with a heat pump dryer can be installed in customized areas, like a master bathroom suite. But users will also enjoy savings when it comes to energy costs. Best of all, without the need to reheat room-temperature air, compact dryers can operate on a 110-volt outlet instead of a 240-volt connection, and that means they can work virtually anywhere with enough space and standard electric outlet.

How Do Pump Dryers Work?

Instead of a vent releasing hot air to the outside of a home, pump dryers (also referred to as condensation dryers) repurpose heated dryer air back into the dryer a super-efficient drying process. All that’s left for a user to do is empty the water that’s been collected in the reservoir.

Currently, the Bosch laundry appliance lineup features three washer and dryer models, including one dryer model that uses a heated pump system. The Miele name also carries a trio of washers and dryers; however, each dryer features a heated pump system, offering a wider range of buying options than Bosch, as well as a lower opening price point.

On the other hand, the Bosch 500 Series compact laundry pair is so efficient, it was awarded the Energy Star Most Efficient Mark for 2021. For buyers, that accolade translates into a 60-percent decrease in energy use versus standard full-size dryers.

Small Laundry, Big Features

As mentioned, Bosch and Miele manufacture top-tier laundry appliances that are more than just a space-saving solution. Check out these additional features that make Bosch and Miele compact washers and dryers a luxury experience regardless of size.

Bosch: Smart in More than One Way

Bosch washers and dryers prepare for the wide, open ranges of the smart home with the Home Connect App. With the app, users receive recommended washing and drying settings based, further increasing efficiency and providing extra protection for garments. This WiFi-enabled app can also send notifications to a smart device when a load is done and can be used to start a cycle remotely with the press of a button.

Did you know conventional dryer condensers that aren’t cleaned regularly reduce overall drying efficiency, resulting in increased drying times and a higher cost of operation? The good news is Bosch compact dryers use recycle collected water stored in the reservoir to rinse the condenser with during each load. That means this innovative design keeps the unit in tip-top shape and doesn’t require manual cleaning from users.

In comparison, Miele dryers do require the user to remove the condenser system for routine maintenance. It’s not a deal-breaker, but in terms of convenience, having one less to-do on laundry day is always a plus in our book.

Forget the Guesswork with Miele Washers

When it comes to giving your favorite clothes the proper care they deserve, knowing which wash and dry temperatures is one thing, but using the right detergent for your clothes is just as important. Yet, the last thing anyone wants to add to the laundry ritual is a reading list — which is why Miele washers come with two specialized laundry detergent technologies that take the guesswork out of the process.

Overhead shot of Miele capdose detergent pod

The first is CapDosing technology that can be found on all Miele washers. Simply insert a pre-measured capsule from one of five different wash types (Sport, Down, Wool, Silk, and Athletic wear) and, based off the type of fabric, Miele’s smart wash technology determines the right time to release the specially made cleaning agent.

For advanced fabric care, higher-end Miele washers come with a TwinDos System upgrade. Using an exclusive wash formula, TwinDos uses two UltraPhase detergent cartridges that release an exclusive wash formula twice during a wash. The first dispenses at the beginning of a wash to help break down loose stains and messes, such as sediment or food. Then, a second boost of formula is introduced toward the end of a wash to help clean stubborn messes like grease or oil. This two-step method enhances the performance of each detergent and keeps the washer from having to work hard to deliver a proper rinse.

Miele’s CapDuo and TwinDos Save Users Even More

Closeup of TwinDos detergent cartridges on Miele compact washer

Thanks to the precise amount of detergent used in CapDuo pods, users avoid using more laundry detergent than necessary. And since each type of pod uses a specially developed detergent, those savings come with the added bonus of superior clothes protection, which can help prolong the lifespan of clothes.

With the TwinDos upgrade, users save more, too. In fact, with the pre-measured UltraPhase cartridges, users can spend up to 30 percent on laundry detergent usage versus pouring detergent by hand. Best of all, each UltraPhase cartridge contains enough detergent for around 50 loads*, and that means one less step during laundry, one giant leap for laundry savings.

Shop this Miele Smart Compact Laundry Pair

*Actual count will depend on load size

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