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Integrate Steam Cooking in Your Custom Kitchen

by Olly Mason

Last year, we highlighted 5 benefits of steam cooking in hopes of showcasing why we believed this healthy cooking method should be a feature to keep an eye on in the future. Turns out, we were right! The number of steam ovens on the market has grown considerably since debuting, and while it may be a while before the oven feature goes mainstream, these luxury steam ovens offer an exciting look into the new possibilities of home cooking.

In 2018, writer Natalia Elko for Thermador got us inspired with her roundup of unexpected steam oven uses. In this blog, we carry on the enthusiasm by presenting our favorite steam ovens from high-end brands Thermador, Miele, JennAir, and Wolf, all of which will surely be as exciting to you as they are to us.

Thermador Steam Wall Ovens

Side by side of Thermador Masterpiece and Professional steam ovens

The industry-leading performance of Thermador wall ovens now come with the option of powerful steam cooking technology, giving the brand’s high-end oven lineup extra utility and luxury. In fact, Thermador 30-inch steam ovens feature the most oven capacity than any other brand on the market, allowing users to truly unlock new levels of cooking.

Shoppers have the option of a Thermador single steam oven, or a double oven configuration with steam cooking in the upper oven and convection cooking below. Either way, users get access to exclusive wall oven features, including:

  • 41 preset cooking programs with the ability to use steam, convection, or a combination of both on double wall ovens
  • A multipoint meat probe that ensures foods are cooked thoroughly, especially great for large cuts of meat
  • Telescopic oven racks that can hold up to 45 pounds
  • A SoftClose Door that gently shuts ensuring no disruptive and damaging slamming

Available in the ultra-sleek look of the Masterpiece Series or the restaurant-inspired aesthetic of the Professional Series, this lineup of Thermador wall ovens comes in a style suitable for every aspirational kitchen design. Get a better with Thermador’s virtual kitchen experience!

Shop Masterpiece Series 30” Double Oven

Shop Professional Series 30” Double Oven

Miele Combi-Steam Ovens

Miele steam oven with vegetables and salmon 

Sometimes, new technology has the tendency to look a little…undone. Fortunately, all the steam options featured in this blog get high marks for aesthetics, but Miele combi-steam ovens take the prize for the most streamlined. Miele 24-inch steam ovens achieve this look by doing two things:

  1. Using full plumbing, eliminating the need for a refillable water reservoir and the space it uses inside an oven
  2. Using an edge-to-edge design for virtually flush installation (shown below)

However, there are pros and cons to this approach. The advantages of a fully plumbed steam oven are that there is more useable oven space, and users can also skip refilling a water container entirely. Still, installing a steam oven with a plumbed water line requires special installation and careful planning.

Yet, Miele’s carefully crafted designs are so seamless, these combi-steam ovens can be installed side-by-side other Miele kitchen appliances, including a thermal convection oven, speed oven, warming drawer, or a built-in coffee maker. In other words, Miele combi-steam ovens offer the most versatility in terms of customization.

Visual of Miele wall ovens installed flush with built in coffee maker

ContourLine vs. PureLine

Miele combi-ovens are available in two distinct series: The ContourLine and the PureLine. While the differences may be subtle, it all comes down to style preference. Both lineups come with digital display and MTouch controls with vibrant presentation and color-coded text when user prompts are required for even easier use. 

The ContourLine Series: Takes the classic look of stainless steel and brings it into the modern age. The metal finish is showcased more prominently (though, both lines make use of the finish), while hardware is proudly pronounced, resulting in a high-end look reminiscent of pro-style restaurant kitchens.

The PureLine Series: Highlights the sleek look of glass surfaces, and opts for the understated look of floating handles. The result is a more refined approach that appeals to modern kitchens more in tune with minimalism rather than making a statement.

Whichever configuration or series is selected, home cooks can enjoy this roundup of features from Miele combi-steam ovens:

  • Three levels of cooking to steam multiple dishes in less time
  • Convection oven cooking and convection broiling
  • An XL oven capacity large enough to cook for up to 10 people
  • An easy-to-clean interior made entirely of stainless steel
  • An included food probe that ensures foods are safely and thoroughly cooked

Shop Miele ContourLine Series 24-inch Combi-Ovens

Shop Miele Pureline Series 24-inch Combi-Ovens

No Plumbing Necessary: JennAir Steam Ovens

Shot of JennAir steam oven open and person grabbing water reservoir

While having the power of steam at the touch of a finger is convenient, not every buyer is ready to hook up a water line to an oven. Having to do so not only requires experienced installation, but it can also add to the overall cost of a steam oven.

On the other hand, JennAir 24-inch steam ovens use a refillable water reservoir, so no plumbing is required. Additionally, whereas similar options use a 240-volt connection, this series of JennAir wall ovens use a 120-volt connection allowing for even more installation possibilities, such as in a basement, pool house, or as a supplement in the main kitchen.

State-of-the-Art Style and Performance

Buyers can choose between the modern sophistication of the NOIR series or the timeless look of the RISE series, each with a full-color 3.5-inch LCD display complete with JennAir Assisted Cooking.

JennAir electric steam ovens come with nine cooking modes, including steam, convection, or steam + convection, providing home cooks with a range of cooking methods for everything from vegetables and roasts to sourdough bread. 

Shop JennAir Steam Ovens

Wolf Transitional Steamers

Wide shot of Wolf module cooktops including steamer 

Wall ovens aren’t the only cooking appliance who get to have fun with steam. Take the modular cooktops from Wolf, for example. Instead of a single cooking surface, buyers can create a custom cooking unit with various cooking methods that all work together in a single footprint.

Each Wolf transitional cooktop measures between 12 and 15 inches, meaning buyers can also get creative with installation. Install two modular cooktops for gas cooking in one area, and another series with a 15-inch steamer, 15-charboil electric grill, and a 15-inch fryer for a complete setup of cooking applications.

Built-in Steamers are A Smart Alternative

Including a built-in cooktop steamer into a kitchen is a smart choice for shoppers who want the power of steam without the investment of space and special plumbing. As and added perk, Wolf transitional steamers can even provide users with more ways to cook.

For instance:

✓ An included basket lets users tap into sous vide cooking with cooking temperatures that adjust in 1-degree intervals for accurate results

✓ Utilize this integrated cooktop steamer to slow-cook foods for up to 10 hours

✓ Quickly refresh leftovers with steam that adds moisture back to food

✓ Use the gentle heat of steam to proof breads

Despite their compact size, Wolf electric module steamers can hold up to 20 cups of liquids, and include two stackable sheet pans to allow cooks to prepare multiple steamed items simultaneously.

Important to Know

Wolf module steamer cooktops require a drain connection linked to an existing sink drain. Users have the option of installing a separate drain, or fitting a heat-resistant bucket beneath the drain (though, we do not recommend this approach).

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