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6 Problem-Solving Appliances

by Olly Mason

Appliances — without them, even the simplest tasks would be difficult, but some appliances can also make the easiest tasks feel painful. Of course, how each appliance operates ultimately comes down to the user, but some appliances are so efficient, they’re worthy of being called problem-solvers.

From cooking and preserving food to cleaning, we’ve examined a range of innovate solutions from top-rated brands, including Miele, Wolf, LG, and Thermador, to bring you six unique appliances that help solve some of the biggest problems homeowners face.

woman in white shirts and jeans standing and smiling

The Problem: Limited Space for More Appliances

We’re at the epicenter of an appliance boom, where it seems every day the market releases appliance features that are must-haves in both standard and aspirational kitchens alike. Except, the problem is there’s only so much room to install appliances in the kitchen. 

The Solution: Thermador’s 48" Dual-Fuel Ranges

Whereas, a typical 48-inch pro-style range features six burners (often accompanied by a griddle surface), a full-size oven, and a smaller side oven, this 48" Thermador pro range delivers the performance of five appliances in one.

water boils in pot on top of thermador PRD48WISGU range


Standard on this luxury range (model PRD48WISGU) are six gas burners, including four ExtraLow® Simmer burners and a 22,000 BTU high-output burner. In addition, it also comes with a 12-inch induction surface with nine power levels, Power Boost, and HeatShift technology that automatically adjusts to the pan’s size. To finish it off, a removable cast iron griddle provides even more cooking versatility.


Below, the ample 4.9 cubic-foot main oven comes equipped with true European convection and telescoping racks that provide easy access to foods. An accompanying side oven with 1.4 cubic-feet of capacity (enough for a 14-pound turkey) complete with nine advanced cooking modes is capable of three additional cooking methods: steam, all convection, or steam and convection. Last but not least, the warmer drawer easily holds dinner plates up to 11 inches, so feasts stay fresh no matter the schedule.

All this does come at a slight trade-off, though. At 27-7/8th inches, this Thermador range is about three inches deeper than similar high-end ranges on the market. Special considerations should be taken if cabinet or cabinets need modification to accommodate the size, while proper ventilation is necessary to efficiently capture heat, smoke, and grease.

The Problem: No Gas Supply

Space isn’t the only thing that can limit the quality of cooking at home. In this case, the inability to get gas to a home or condo can cut the dream of achieving restaurant-grade food on a professional range short for gourmet gurus.

The Solution: a Wolf induction range

While gas-fuel ranges embrace the drama and inspiration of traditional cooking, many modern-day gastronomes are warming up to the efficiency, precision, and power of induction cooking surfaces.

With state-of-the-art performance, Wolf, the brand’s latest lineup of Wolf induction ranges (set to start shipping April 2021) include an impressive list of professional features that can keep up with experienced cooking palates, from exotic to the every-day.

Available in 30-inch and 36" options, each Wolf induction range comes with the following features that just may have users ready to give up gas:

  • Boost Mode cooktop setting that delivers high-level heat powerful enough to boil water 40% faster
  • Dual VertiCross™ convection technology (previously only on M-Series wall ovens),which strategically channels air along the oven walls for better heat consistency
  • WiFi connectivity for a seamless and enhanced user experience

Faithful fanatics might also notice the absence of the iconic red Wolf knobs, and that’s pure strategy. On top of providing a sleeker minimalist look with touch controls on the cooktop, the engineers at Wolf were able to provide over half a cubic foot of extra space in the oven. That brings the total oven capacity to a roomy 5.1 cubic feet versus 4.5 cubic feet.

Currently, Wolf is ready to start shipments on its latest series of induction ranges, but with heavy pre-orders from 2020, new orders are anticipated to have longer leads. As of now, the availability to accommodate new orders is expected to kick back up around August.

overhead of wolf 36 inch induction range

The Problem: Restricting Cooktops

While technically built-in cooking appliances, cooktops provide homeowners the luxury of separate cooking zones between a wall oven and cooktops. The problem is that once an energy source is chosen — whether it be gas, radiant heat, or induction — a user is committed to cooking with that heat source.

The Solution: Miele CombiSet™ cooktops

Miele configurable cooktops setup truly give home cooks the liberty to perform a combination of cooking techniques on a range of cooking surfaces. So, how do the Miele transitional cooktops work? Like a puzzle.

three piece Miele transitional cooktop

Each cooking surface features a single fuel source, either gas, induction, radiant — there are even options for built-in fryers, a barbecue grill, and a wok ring. Models measuring 12 inches feature two burners or heating elements, while the larger 15-inch models mostly use a single heating element. Buyers decide on a combination of up to four, which are later installed side-by-side into a countertop.

Currently, Miele offers a smorgasbord of transitional cooktops, including:

The Problem: Minimal Countertop or Cabinetry Space

Counter microwaves are synonymous with kitchen appliances. Every home has one, and every household can confirm that while it’s nice to have the option to zap foods for a quick bite to eat, having as much counterspace as possible is also crucial when it comes time to seriously throwing down. Naturally, the next option would be an over-the-range microwave, but in homes that use a professional gas range, a hood is not only more efficient, but required. So, what other options are there?

The Solution: Monogram Advantium speed ovens

Sure, the typical built-in microwave is a practical problem-solver in kitchens with limited countertop space, but installing one limits users to a single cooking application. On the other hand, Monogram 5-in-1 ovens with Advantium Speedcook technology allow users to bake, broil, toast, warm, proof, and microwave all in a compact, 30-inch wide footprint.


Small yet mighty, this speed oven series features an industry-exclusive halogen light along with a ceramic heater for even heat, convection, and microwaves that thoroughly prepare food without overcooking it. Best of all, there’s no pre-heating required. Simply insert a dish and start cooking with the following features:

  • 175 preset modes capable of adjusting to a user’s finished preferences (such as steaks)
  • WiFi connectivity for effortless cooking, monitoring, and programming
  • Smart preset upgradability that provides more cooking capabilities with every upgrade
  • Over 200 built-in recipes

woman inserts bowl of broccoli into monogram advantium oven Currently, Monogram Advantium ovens are available in two distinct styles. The Minimalist series showcases its hallmark black-glass surface and sleek handles, while the Statement series embraces stainless steel and pro-style handles.

Depending on your kitchen’s setup, shoppers have the option of a 120-volt oven that cooks foods up to four times faster than conventional ovens, or a 240-volt oven with the ability to cook foods up to eight times faster.

The Problem: Noisy Appliances

Anyone who’s had to pause a video meeting to ask fellow household members to quiet down will understand the importance of silence as we all adjust to work-from-home conditions. But what happens with it’s the appliances making noise? Regardless of deadlines and meetings, appliances have their job, too, and they’ll get done.

The Solution: Jenn-Air kitchen appliances

The Jenn-Air kitchen suite isn’t just quiet — it’s the quietest in the industry, based on its 36" ranges, column freezers, column refrigerators, and dishwashers compared to other brands in the same class.

modern kitchen design with full suite of Jenn-Air appliances


For starters, Jenn-Air dishwashers are the quietest dishwasher on any market, performing at a whisper-quiet 38 decibels. And that’s not on select models. Every Jenn-Air dishwasher boasts this unparalleled feature.


Jenn-Air refrigerators and freezers are all built with a compressor that works at variable speeds. And since the compressor always remains on, there is no “pre-heating” required for the appliance to reach peak performance.

Additionally, Jenn-Air refrigeration uses bottom-mount compressors, which not only help to redirect sound away from ear-level, but are also more efficient than top-mount refrigerators and freezers, and less work always means less noise.


Some users might be aware of the luxury experience of true convection baking, but what’s often not mentioned is the noise the fans make. Jenn-Air ranges reduce noise operation with a unique system of variable fans speeds that work at low noise levels.

The Problem: Special-Care Wardrobe

They may make us look good, but delicate and dry-cleaner-only clothes require special care and attention, which is another job in and of itself. What’s worse, certain items, such as business suits, can be permanently damaged when placed in the washer or dryer.

The Solution: the LG Styler

At 18 inches wide and just over 72 inches tall, LG Stylers are surprisingly space-friendly, with the flexibility to be “installed” into a walk-in closet, laundry room, or simply in the corner of a bedroom suite. When we say installed, what we really mean is plug into a standard outlet and install the provided water container.

That’s right — there’s no professional installation required, meaning on top of being versatile, these LG drying cabinets are also accessible to homeowners and apartment dwellers alike. Here’s how to use an LG Styler:

  • Treat clothes to with the TrueSteam® function;s pure steam to effectively deodorize fabrics and reduce up to 99% of bacteria, mold and allergens.
  • Sanitize surfaces such as toys, stuffed animals, and pillows with the power of steam.
  • Gently steam stubborn wrinkles away.
  • Use the low-heat power of steam to care for specialty fabrics, including polyester, silk, linen, wool, velvet, cashmere, and clothes with sequins and rhinestones.

Best of all, LG Stylers are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, so users can trust their garments are not only receiving the luxury treatment, but a sanitary one, too.

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