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Inside LG ThinQ Care | How It Works & Its Benefits

by Olly Mason

If appliances with better user experiences, enhanced performance, and longer lifespans sound appealing to you, then it may be time to upgrade to LG smart appliances with ThinQ Care technology. It’s the latest update from home electronic and appliance leader, LG, and it seeks to bring the future of connected appliances into the present. The exclusive software promises to simplify how LG smart appliances are used, so we’re breaking down how and why shoppers should consider products with the feature.

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What is ThinQ Care?

LG released its first generation of ThinQ appliances in 2011, and now, more than a decade later, the industry-exclusive is getting a rebranding full of even more features. At its most basic, the LG ThinQ service is a way for users to understand their appliance better, whether it’s troubleshooting an issue or learning new ways to use a product efficiently.

ThinQ Care is the latest integration of the software, which can be found within the ThinQ app that is downloadable to smart devices. The app is free, and it provides a direct link between a user and LG smart products on a whole new level.

How Does ThinQ Care Work?

The main objective of the latest ThinQ Care installment is a streamlined service, and that starts with the download. All users have to do is download the service from their app store, sync it to a smart device (or even a home’s Wi-Fi network), and follow the instructions for registration.

Once set up, LG ThinQ appliances can be tracked and diagnosed, providing real-time notifications for repairs and services to low inventory of supplies and more.

5 Benefits of Using ThinQ Care

You can’t fit an appliance in your pocket, but having one connected to your smart device is just as good. Once LG ThinQ appliances have been synced, users are able to do so much more than they could have with a connected appliance. Here are five major advantages ThinQ Care provides LG appliance users

1. Use ThinQ Care for Alerts

Unfortunately, you can’t always be around to make sure your appliances are being used correctly. A busy morning when everyone is rummaging for a quick breakfast could be the reason for the refrigerator being left open. And an impatient child grabbing a glass mid-cycle could be why the dishes aren’t ready for tonight’s dinner. But with ThinQ Care on your side, you get on-the-spot alerts when situations like these happen, so you can solve them before they become bigger issues (e.g., spoiled food or a washer door left ajar waiting for mold to grow).

2. Get Automatic Maintenance Cues with ThinQ Care

LG understands that not every user is fluent in appliance upkeep. Luckily, ThinQ Care is. Built-in artificial intelligence is able to determine when an LG smart appliance needs maintenance. By catching these cues before they become a problem, ThinQ Care prevents unexpected expenses from happening.

3. ThinQ Care Can Enhance Appliance Performance

LG also uses its advanced AI technology to provide “progress reports” based on user habits. Take LG ThinQ washers, for instance. In one scenario, you might be adding too much detergent to your wash, forcing your washer to work harder to rinse your clothes properly. ThinQ Care is able to determine this issue and notify you about optimizing your detergent usage. You can also download personalized washer cycles for specific stains and messes for tailored washes that use the right amount of energy. And with its powerful software, ThinQ Care can track monthly usage and provide suggestions on how to run your appliance more efficiently. 

The algorithm tracks patterns and automatically sends tips and tricks to your smart device on how to be a more efficient user. In the end, this saves you money, time, and possibly a headache.

4. Never Run out of Supplies with ThinQ Care

Rinse aid, water filters, laundry detergent. The modern household has a long list of essentials that are necessary for getting chores done, so when you run out of one of your basics, it can be frustrating. But not to worry if you have ThinQ Care. It actively monitors supply levels for all your home’s appliances, notifying you when you’re low so you can restock.

5. Do Home Installations with Peace of Mind

It’s just a refrigerator. How hard can it be to install—right? In some cases, installation is more than just a plug-and-go, and knowing what you’re doing wrong isn’t always clear. ThinQ Care solves that by using its AI technology to determine missed steps during installation. This is a double win because it ensures your appliance works safely and efficiently to save you on utility costs.

Which LG Appliances Feature ThinQ Care?

Woman using the LG ThinQ Care app on her smart device

LG offers a full suite of ThinQ Care appliances for the entire home. In the kitchen, smart ranges, wall ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers can be paired, so you always have an eye on dinner, groceries, or when dishes are done cleaning and ready to be put away.

LG laundry appliances also come with ThinQ Care washers and dryers. With the technology connected to these appliances, you can enjoy customizable washing and drying cycles, reminders to restock on detergent, tips on how to wash more efficiently, and so much more.

Aside from major appliances, LG also equips heating, cooling, and vacuums with ThinQ Care for a fully connected home experience that is operable from a smart device or with voice activation.


LG is a leader when it comes to connected appliances, and its latest rollout of ThinQ technology empowers its users to get in tune with their appliances like never before. In fact, recent reports show that 30 percent of LG users receiving Proactive Customer Care alerts from ThinQ were able to DIY issues themselves and save potentially hundreds on repair and service costs. As a result, LG ThinQ appliances save money on maintenance, and because its users are able to troubleshoot and solve common problems with their appliances, ThinQ Care helps extend the lifespan of the appliances it’s synced to.

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